Welcome to the 2024 St. John's School Council

We look forward to representing the views of all the children at St. John's and we are also hoping to add one or two new things to our agenda this year. If you have any ideas, please speak to one of the Council Representatives or to Miss Hook. You might have a good idea for a game at the Christmas or Summer Fairs or an idea of a charity that might benefit from some fundraising!


What is the School Council?

The school council works to make improvements to the school and the way we do things at St. John’s. The whole school answer a ‘Big Question’ every half term about different aspects of school life. The councillors make notes of the discussions and meet to vote on what motion should be implemented.

The School Council also hold events throughout the year to raise money for a charity of their choice.

Who are the School Councillors?

Every year we run an election campaign to vote for two new representatives from each class from Year 4-6. A good representative will speak at the council meetings about things that their class is interested in. They will also tell their class about what is going on in the council meetings.



We try to be very professional in the council so we use a lot of professional words. Hopefully this will help.

Agenda - a list of things to talk about

Implemented – to put a plan, arrangement or decision into place

Councillor - someone who has been voted for to work for their class mates on the school council

Motion - an idea for the council to discuss

Our Chosen Charity – The MONDO Foundation (supporting RIBS school)

RIBS schools started in 1990 as a result of a need to create an English school for the young children from the surrounds of Maneybhanjang to have a full English education.   

At that time, the only English schools available were in Darjeeling, too far away and out of budget for the majority of the families in the villages.

Since 2003, RIBS has been receiving support from the MONDO Foundation, a British/Indian charity, working with some schools around Darjeeling and Kalimpong.

Besides financial support, the MONDO Foundation have been sending volunteers to RIBS since 2004 (one of which being Mr Adams) which, so far, have been a great contribution to the school, the children and the local community.

The support from the School Council has contributed to the completion of the school building and is now helping to purchase vital equipment for the children to use.


Mondo Foundation - community-led projects in Nepal, India and Tanzania - Mondo