Bullying is usually defined as repeated, unwanted and unkind behaviour which is intended to hurt someone either emotionally or physically. Bullying can happen anywhere and can make people feel hurt, upset, unhappy and angry.  It can happen face to face or via technology such as mobile phones,  email or over the internet.

At St. John’s we do not tolerate any form of bullying and throughout the year particularly promote anti- bullying messages.  We use the STOP messages with children that bullying is Several Times OPurpose and that if it happens to you or if you see it happen to anyone else you should Start Telling Other People.  It is important that everyone understands it is their responsibility to tell and that children know they should not stand by if they know someone is being bullied.

As well as speaking to any adult in their classroom or the playground, children can use the Bird Box Post as a way to talk to someone about bullying or anything else that they are feeling upset or worried about. Mrs Harger (a TA in school) goes to speak to anyone who has put a note into the Bird Box and this means that all children know there is always someone who is ready to listen to their worries or concerns.