mother patrick



St. John’s has been successful at applying for an enriching, fantastic programme called 'Connecting Classrooms', which is run by the British Council. This international programme supports teaching and learning about global issues. It enables pupils to learn and work together on the big issues that face the world today.

Our partner school, Mother Patrick Convent, is in Harare, Zimbabwe and during the project, joint activities will take place, which will help children in Year 4 to understand the big issues that shape our world, and equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to make a positive contribution. The selected global learning theme that our schools will focus on is ‘Zero Hunger’.

Connecting Classrooms is a global programme for schools, designed to prepare young people for life in a global society and work in a global economy. The project supports teachers to develop their classroom practice in core skills – the six essential skills that young people need to prosper in the 21st Century. This will then help them shape the future for themselves and generations to come.

This is just the start of our partnership and we hope to work on many more projects together.