Governor - John Phillipson

 John Phillipson 

Chair of Governors


Hello What’s your name ?

John Phillipson  

What do you do on the Governing Body ?

I Chair the Governing Body and I also help on the premises committee that looks after the school building  

Why did you become a Governor at St John’s ? 

Because my three children had such a happy time here and I wanted to help keep it a brilliant school.  

Did you go to St John’s when you were a child  ?

No I went to a school nearby called Ashburton.  

What is your favourite thing about our school ?

Seeing the children of the school turn into really nice and kind young people.  

Is there anything you would change about our school ?

I would like to be able to share our lovely school with more children if we could find a way of doing that whilst keeping all that is special about our school.  

What do you do when you’re not helping our School ?

I love going places with my children, I help at other schools, sing and occasionally turn up for work as a surveyor.  

Thank you, its been nice to get to get to know you .