Healthy Schools

We were pleased to be awarded with the Healthy Schools Award in December 2009. This covers all aspects of general well being, including healthy eating. This is encouraged through:

Drinking Water
Children are only allowed to drink water during the day and may also order milk if they would like to have this at morning break. They have access to water throughout the day via chilled water coolers in the school building and we encourage children to buy a refillable bottle from school.

The Government provides all Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 pupils with a free piece of fruit or vegetable daily which they can eat as a morning snack at break time. Key Stage 2 children are encouraged to bring in their own fresh fruit. Children who attend any after school club are asked to bring in a fruit or vegetable snack, if needed.

Breakfast Club
Our menu at the breakfast club reflects the school’s healthy eating policy and offers a variety of healthy, well balanced options including wholegrain cereals, fresh fruit, yoghurts and breads.

School Dinners
Eden are our school dinner providers. They cater for a wide range of tastes and cultures. Their menus are well balanced, tasty and strictly follow the recommended guidelines for healthy meals in schools. A self service salad bar and fresh fruit are provided every day.

Packed lunches
Children are encouraged to bring a healthy packed lunch to school. We do not allow peanuts, chocolate, sweets or any other drinks other than water and ask that other foods e.g. crisps are brought in, in moderation. Ideas for healthy packed lunch options can be found at:

VIP Tickets
As a reward for eating a healthy, well balanced meal (school dinners and packed lunches), a child is selected weekly from each class to receive a VIP ( Very Important Person)  ticket. This allows him/her to eat his/her lunch at a special table on a Thursday and to have his/her name displayed on our VIP display board.

Nutrition in the Curriculum
Children have opportunities to plan and prepare healthy meals and snacks during Science and Design Technology lessons as well as for whole school events. All areas of nutrition are taught throughout the school, focusing on healthy food choices, different food groups, correct portion size and food hygiene.

Special School Events
At specific times during the year, the school organises various family events, e.g. the Summer dance and Christmas and Summer Fayres, where food such as burgers and sweet deserts are served. We emphasise to the children that on these special occasions, the food is eaten in moderation and is seen as a treat.

The school appreciates the importance of parental/carer support in this area and recognises the importance of working in partnership with parents/carers.