Our Ethos

Our Golden Rule
Our Values
Our Motto
Collective Worship
Our Golden Rule

We have one Golden Rule at St. John's which is to:

"Love One Another"

This is especially important as it is a rule which Jesus gave to all Christians as a guide to how they live their lives. Everyone in the school tries to follow this in all aspects and areas of their lives.

Our Values

We have nine Christian values which we try to live out in our every day lives at St. John's:










These are displayed on our Values Tree to remind us to follow them at all times.

Each week we have a Value of the Week which we try to follow. Anyone in the school can nominate another person to receive a Value Sticker in our Celebration Worship. You can have a look in the Values Book to see who has received a sticker in the past.

Our Motto

Our School Motto is:

"Love To Lean, Learn To Love"

This encompasses all that we want to achieve at St Johns. That children will develop a love of learning while also learning to love and accept others.

Collective Worship

As a church school Collective Worship is a special time of the day when the whole school comes together for praise and celebration and the opportunity for quiet reflection.  

Every half term we have a different theme to think about in Collective Worship. We are very lucky to have a number of different visitors from local churches who come to lead Collective Worship and everyone bases their talk around the theme for that half term.  

Once a week we have ‘Celebration Worship’ when we mark achievements people have made during the week. Children are nominated to receive a ‘Red Badge’ which they then wear for the rest of the week as a sign that they have received a commendation. During Celebration Worship we also announce which two people have been chosen to wear the ‘Red Scarves’ for the week. This is a very special award which is given for exemplary behaviour and shows the whole school community who has been recognised to be a good role model for behaviour.  

On special occasions we go to church to mark festivals and times of celebration. The children are often involved in helping to lead the services by reading bible stories or prayers, singing or playing their musical instruments. The whole school community is always very welcome to join us in church to mark these special times and it is lovely to see as many parents/carers and friends as possible.

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