Sporting Successes


The Year 5 & 6 Football team are taking part in the Croydon Schools Football League. There are approx 63 schools in the league and we must play 5 other schools in our group both home and away over the course of the season.

There are also two cup competitions, The Primary Cup and the Small Schools Cup.


2016-2017 Football Match Reports

Thursday 2nd December 2016

St. Johns vs Orchard way-rematch

It was an away match where St. Johns were playing Orchard Way.  Coach T told us our line up with Toby in goal Joshua on the left Nathan O in the centre and me on the right. In midfield were Brandon, Isiah with Ethan up top. Noticeable by all the players, as we lined ourselves up into formation there was a buzz of energy and success.

The game started and they took kick off but we talked them straight away and made for the goal. Many opportunity’s came and went but none of them hit the back of the nets. A few minutes later, Ethan took a brilliant shot and it hammered into the back of the nets. The half time whistle blew.

 St. John’s 1 Orchard way 0

The second half kicked off. Later Ethan made a daring and epic break down the middle and made an amazing shot, 2-0. As the game drew on Nathan O made a rampage and had a shot. Thankfully it deflected of one of Orchard Way’s defender, 3-0. They took a corner which Toby pushed away but then the Orchard way midfielder almost got the ball but I cleared it on the line.

After a while, Brandon had an awful injury but wonderfully scored this made it 4-0.

The game ended St John’s 4 Orchard way 0.


Thursday 9th February 2017

Harris Benson Vs St. John’s      

Last week we travelled to Benson’s and Coach T gave us our line up.  Jack was in goal, Amila in the middle, Shaun on the right and Mohamed on the left.  Brandon and Josiah were in midfield and Ethan was uptop.  We started off quickly and Ethan cleverly ran past four players and shot at the end edge of the box scoring 1-0.

In the second half we had a great chance to score.  Brandon played a pass into the feet of Isaiah.  He had the shot stopped by the keeper and then the rebound blocked. The full time whistle blew. 

St. John’s 1 – 0 Bensons

Match report by Nathan, Year 6


Thursday 2nd March 2017

St. John’s Vs Orchard Way 

The whistle blew.  We started off strong moving the ball quickly as Coach T told us to before the game.  Then we managed to get a goal through our good play. 1-0.  We then managed to break through the Orchard defence again and score another goal.  The game went on and both sides had many opportunities but none scored, until, Ethan scored again making it 3-0.  Ethan had a hat-trick then scoring again.  Half Time.

The second half started and they managed to beat Jack three times, making it 4-3.  Isaiah then scored a hat-trick making the final score 7-3.




2015-2016 Football Match Reports

Tuesday 8th December
Gresham V St. John's

On Tuesday the 8th December 2015, we played an away match against Gresham Primary School in Selsdon.  Clouds filled the sky and we had to start the game early before the darkness overwhelmed us.  I was a semi-fianls game so the expectations were high.

Gresham played a hard game in the first half scoring 4 goals, all in the same place, with one being a lucky shot that hit the post and went in.  We gained a penalty which we thought would bring us a goal back, but luck was not on our side and we missed the penalty. Following this was an immediate response from Gresham which nearly went in but luckily for us missed.  At the end of the first half the score was 4-0 to Gresham.

We kept our heads up and tried our hardest in the second half hoping that we would score at least 2 goals.  We played much better in the second half and had more possession than Gresham.  We had many shots and saves but couldn't score a goal.  Thankfully we didn't concede any more goals to Gresham so at the end of the game the score remained 4-0.

Unfortunately we have been knocked out of the finals but have had an amazing run through to the semi-finals of this tournament.

Match report by Sachin, Year 6

Thursday 3rd December
St. John's V Monks Orchard

After a run of good wins we came up against a larger school who started very well against us.  Very quickly Monks Orchard were 2-0 up before St. John's began the fight back.  Nathan scored what was to be our only goal late in the first half, the half time score was 2-1.

In the second half St. John's fought very well, Thomas had a long range free kick well saved by their goalie.  In the end our attempts to get an equaliser left us open at the back and Monks Orchard were able to score two more times before the end of the match.  Final score St. John's 1: Monks Orchard 4.

Match report by Jonny, Year 6

Wednesday 25th November
David Livingstone V St. John's

From the first whistle St. John's were in control of the game, David Livingston couldn't get an attack through.  After a few minutes Harry managed to put away a first goal for us after a very good run beating the goalkeeper at the near post. 1-0.  A few minutes later we were awarded a free kick in our own half, Jonny stepped up to take the free kick and managed to get it over the wall and in the back of the net. 2-0. The third goal was the best, Sachin won the ball in defence and sent Shaun off down the wing, Shaun beat his man and crossed to Harry who volleyed it home first time. 3-0. Into the second half of the match Jonny intercepted the ball in defence and broke through a couple of challenges then passed a ball into Nathan who hammered in a forth. 4-0. We kept it a clean sheet to the final whistle thanks to good teamwork and safe hands from Thomas.  St. John's never stopped from the first whistle to the last.  Bring on Benson!

Match report by Jonny, Year 6

Thursday 26th November
Harris Benson V St. John's

On Thursday 26th November 2015 we played Harris Benson in an away game.  The atmosphere was electric with exciement as both teams were coached by Smith's Sports Academy.

We had good support from parents and as we chased the daylight we managed to finish our game just as darkness shrouded us.

During the first half Harry managed to score two goals, one being an amazing shot through the goalkeeper's legs.  We conceded a goal to Benson as they managed to get one past us and at the end of the first half the score was 2-1.

With everything to play for, we went out to play the final half.  We defended well but didn't manage to score again.  Jack made some fabulous saves preventing the other team from scoring either.  Both teams played well with the final score being 2-1 to us.

Match report by Sachin, Year 6


Thursday 19th November
St. John's V Forest Academy  

On Thursday 19th November we met with Forest Academy for a football match at home.  The evening was drawing in and the sky was full of heavy rainclouds, but the worst of the rain held off while the game was in play.

The first half of the match saw neither team score, but had some amazing shots and sves.  The second half saw some excellent teamwork from both teams.  We passed the ball skillfully amongst our players allowing Harry to score the first goal of the match.  An immediate counter attack from Forest Academy saw the score equalise.

It took a little while longer before Shaun managed to cross the ball over the heads of the defenders allowing Brandon to shoot on the volley.  A third goal was then scored with another cross from Shaun and another volley, this time scored by Nathan.

Forest Academy, now down by two saw a chance and scored a penalty.  We kept our defence strong until the final whistle blown.  The final score was 3-2 to St. John's, with a good match played by both teams.

Match report by Sachin, Year 6

Thursday 14th October
Gilbert Scott V St. John's

Kick off.  We started strongly, pressuring them so that they couldn't attack on us.  11 minutes in Sean played a ball in front of Jonny and Jonny put it into the back of the net. 1-0. 4 minutes later the whistle blew half time.  Thomas, Caleb and Nathan came off.  Replacing them was Harry, Brandon and Josiah.  Not long after the start of second half, Harry skilfully passed 4 players before he put it straight past the keeper. 2-0. 2 minutes later the defender handled the ball in the box.  Penalty! Jonny stood up to take it.  The referee blew his whistle, moments after the ball flew over the goal keepers head. 3-0.  A while later 3 more substations were made.  Gilbert Scott had been fighting back a lot until they managed to crack through our defence. 3-1.  But we remained strong and once again Harry had a great run onto a brilliant strike. 4-1.  Last minute of the match they scored an unstoppable goal.  The referee blew up.  End score St John's Primary School 4     Gilbert Scott 2.

Match report by Jonny, Year 6


Thursday 21st January
St. John's V Harris Benson

On Thursday 21st of January we played a match against Harris Academy Benson at home. Tension was high as we had previously beaten them 2-1 in an away game, so we were confident that we could win.

We kicked off and started with an immediate attack but Benson’s defence was strong and they cleared it away. Five minutes into the game, Jonny got the ball turned around a defender and then chipped the ball over the keeper’s arm and into the back of the net.  The score was 1-0 to us.

Soon after this Benson won a free kick.   They shot the ball around the defending wall and into the back on the net. 1-1. A few minutes later the referee blew the whistle for half-time.

In the second half, both teams played well with St. John’s hitting the post and also having many attempts to score.  Benson had a final attack in the last minute but they couldn’t get past our defence.  The final score was 1-1.

Match report by Sachin, Year 6


Thursday 28th January
Monks Orchard V St. John's

On Thursday 28th January we played against Monks Orchard Primary School in an away game.  Previously, at home, they had beaten us with a 4-1 win.  We really wanted to beat them this time.

The game started with St. John’s taking a kick off and having an immediate shot at the goal that hit the side netting. It was now Monks Orchard’s turn.  Their goalkeeper made a long kick down the pitch and into their striker’s feet.  He took a shot at the goal Jack caught it. The game went on for a few minutes without any shot at the goal.  Then Brandon got the ball, dribbled past someone and made a through ball to Jonny and he chipped it over the keeper with the outside of his foot.  It was now 1-0. 

There was about  5 minutes left of the half and there were many attacks that couldn’t get past our defence. In the second half Monks Orchard were trying really hard to get back into the game.  It was really hard to get back into the game.  It was really tough for both teams.  There were some good shots and saves but none of the shots seemed to go in. 

The full-time whistle blew and the final score was 1-0 to St. John’s.

Match report by Sachin, Year 6


Thursday 4th February
St. John's V Orchard Way

Orchard Way were pushing us from the first whistle and managed to get a goal from that. 1-0. 

After that we were getting some more attacks.  One of them was successful Harry beat a player and crossed the ball into the box for Sachin to header the ball into the corner of the net. 1-1.

In the second half we had many attacks but unfortunately none went in.  End score finished 1-1. 

Match report by Jonny, Year 6


Thursday 25th February
St. John's V Trinity (Match 1)

We started off the game strongly attempting various attacks on Trinity. 

Eventually the ball broke to Jonny in the area who headed it pass the defender and knocked it in the back of the net. 1-0. 

The game continued to be fairly even until a throw in gave Trinity a headed goal. 1-1. Once again Trinity had a throw in which lead to a second goal. 2-1.  End of match one.


(Match 2)

We started the second game knowing that it would be a tough one.  Again the game was very even with St. John's making a few attempts at goal.  However, Trinity were able to score directly from a long range free kick. 1-0.

St. John's continued to press for an equaliser but Trinity got the ball and scored from a break down the left hand side. 2-0.

In the dying minutes of the game Trinity were able to volley a third goal. 3-0. End of match two.

Match reports by Sachin, Year 6



2014-2015 Football Match Reports

Final Match of Autumn Term (Away Match v Orchard Way)

We started strongly, but Orchard Way had some very good shots.  None made it past our keeper.  Then George passed to Will and he flicked it into the opposition goal.  1-0 to St John's.  The referee blew his whistle for the end of the first half.  During the second half, Orchard Way had a few opportunities, but found it hard to get past our strong defence.  We also had some chances, but their goalkeeper blocked them all.  The final score remained 1-0 to St John's.

Monday 17th November (Home Match v Forest Academy)

The opposition team kicked off the first half, but we soon took the ball off tham and started to attach their defence, with a few close shots at the goal by George.  We won a free kick, taken by Will.  It was right on target, but George managed to get a flick of the ball and claimed the resulting goal.  In the second half, Forest Academy started off quite sharply and won a throw in at our end of the pitch.  Unfortunately, one of their players managed to sneak past one of our players and scored an equalising goal.

St John's forced many counter attacks, but they were not quite enough to get the ball into the net.  Forest Academy played well and managed to get the ball right into our box during a corner.  Unfortunately for us, we were unable to clear the ball and scored an own goal.

St John's fought as hard as we could, but our shots were not quite enough to beat the Forest Academy defence.  We enjoyed the match and at the final whistle the score showed a 2-1 win for Forest Academy.

Report by Matthew, Year 6

Thursday 13th November (Away Match v Trinity)

St John's team sheet included players from Year's 5 and 6.  The match was our second away match of the season and our best performance so far this season.  St John's had kick-off and played well during the early part of the match, passing the ball around and making space and opportunities for each other.  Although we played well in the first half, both sides went into the half time break on equal terms (0-0).

In the second half, St john's applied more pressure on Trinity and we were able to score an early goal through George.  As the game progressed, Trinity made a few goal scoring opportunities and took one to make the game level (1-1).  St John's created opportunities to score a second goal, but we did not manage to convert these chances.  The game finished as a 1-1 draw.

Match report by William, Year 6

Monday 13th October
Home Match V's Harris Benson

Our first match was against Benson Primary School.
Baldwin was in goal and he made some fantastic saves. Unfortunately we conceded a penalty. We tried our hardest but we just could not break through their defence. It was time, we heard the whistle blow and we shook hands and went to our coach. He said we played well and did not give up.
The final score was 1:0 to Harris Benson

Match report by George, Year 6

St John's v Trinity

We got into our positions quickly and had two quick counter attacks, but their defence was solid.  We tried again and then Andre took a wild shot, which made it's way into the back of their net.  We kept on forging forward, when Trinity broke through, kicking the ball wide of our keeper, and scoring themselves. 1-1.

The second half was underway and we made a quick counter attack again, this time down the wing.  We stayed strong, but had several attempts before we broke through their defence with Thomas passing the ball to Will who scored again.  Trinity responded by scoring one for themselves again making the score 2-2.  As the second half progressed both teams played strongly.  St John's scored another giving them the 3-2 advantage.  However, Trinity came back once again to make the final score, in a very exciting and well played match, 3-3.

St John's v Orchard Way

The last time we played Orchard Way we beat them 1-0 so the result of this game would be exciting.

We played on our home pitch which wasn't too muddy.  Orchard Way started with possession of the ball, but soon had the ball taken off them.  We were on a counter attack and nearly scored, but we could not break their defence.  Orchard Way had many chances to score, but Baldwin, our goalkeeper, made some excellent saves.  Once again, we were on the counter attack and we managed to break through their defence.  Will got past the goalkeeper, scoring with his left foot and ending the first half on a high note.

To begin the second half we began a kick off and had another chance to score, but didn't manage it.  Orchard Way had surprisingly started a counter attack and our defence weren't ready enough to stop them scoring.  The score was now 1-1.

After several shots and counters by St John's we unfortunately were unable to reach the back of the net.  Orchard Way struck back with just 15 seconds to go and scored against us to win the match.  The referee's whistle blew and the game ended with a win for Orchard Way.  St John's played a very good game.

St John's v Forest Academy

St John's school played against Forest Academy and drew 0-0.  We started to play well as a team passing the ball around them and taking shots from anywhere we could.  Late on in the match Forest Academy were making some great shots, but none of them got through.  The game ended 0-0.


NETBALL - 30th January

On Friday 30th January the year 6 netball team went to Archbishops  Lanfranc for a netball festival.  We started off with some warm up games and were then divided into teams with different schools.  We learned some new netball skills with some of the school's teachers.  At the end we played mini matches in the teams that we had been practising in.  We played all of the positions.  We all really enjoyed it and wished we could do it again ... even though we were exhausted by the end.     - Rosie and Melody 

SWIMMING (updated 31.01.15)

This week saw the heats for the 2015 Croydon School's Swimming Association Gala take place.  Our heat was on Wednesday morning at South Norwood Leisure Centre.  For some of the children it was their first time at such an event and so nerves and anticipation were at a high.  This added to the atmosphere and clearly to the swimming as everyone swam fabulously.  Now we just need to await the results and see if St John's will be attending the finals, which will be held on 12th March at Trinity School swimming pool (ticket only event). 

As a one form entry school it is hard for us to be represented in every race, but despite this, we have shown great promise with our swim team.  Watch this space as we progress towards the big day.

Our 'Improving Swimmer's Club' starts back next Monday 26th January.

MULTI-SPORTS - 27th January 2015

On Tuesday 27th January Tiger Class took part in a Multi-Skills session with Benson Academy at Shirley High School.  The session was well received and the children were led by the Young Leaders in Year 7.  Many of the children learned new skills, rules and aspects of games including - 

Bulldog, Crust and Crumbs, Basketball, Football, Handball, Netball.

Comments from Tiger Class
I really enjoyed multi skills.  The best sport was Handball.  We threw the football into the goal.  It was really fun.  The other sports were Netball, Basketball and Football.  In Netball we were practising passes.  In Basketball we were bouncing and in Football we were kicking the ball and Rhiannon the goalkeeper was really good.  We also played warm up games.  I would recommend it to others! - Isabelle 
Multi skills was fantastic.  I thought that the Coaches were brilliant and did their job very well.  I had so much fun playing games and I cannot even choose the best one.  I learnt that there are seven people on a netball pitch at once.  I really loved coming to Shirley High and learning these new skills! - Ben 
We had an enjoyable morning during multi skills at Shirley High School.  Bensons also came to the skills.  The Coaches were really kind and they were also very athletic.  The ball skills were football, basketball, netball and throwing.  We also played bulldog.  My favourite ball game was basketball and we did some moving around while bouncing the ball.  We also tried shooting the ball in the net which was really fun.  I really enjoyed multi skills and I hope to go again! - Ashwiyn
We went to multi sports at Shirley High.  It was amazing and we shared with Bensons School.  For our first game we were put into partners and I was paired with one of my best friends, Hannah.  We had to find different ways to throw a ball to each other.  Then we swapped to the next activity and we played Piggy in the middle.  We then swopped groups and we played my favourite game, Bulldog and every time, no matter how hard I tried, I always got tagged.  Sadly, we needed to go back to school but we really enjoyed the day. - Rhiannon 
We learnt many new skills at Shirley High School.  I would like to go there again because the leaders were really kind and helpful to us and Bensons School year 3.  The students were just in year 7.  In conclusion, they were energetic and fantastic coaches. - Adam
Multi-sports was fun and exciting.  We had a great time.  When we arrived we got into teams then we went to the first activity which was Basketball.  The activities were, netball, throwing and catching and football.  My favourite sport was the throwing and catching because the coaches were holding a hoola hoop which was moving.  Then we had to throw a bean bag into the hoop. - Lucie McHugh


Well it is Cross Country Season and St John's children have been working hard participating in different events.  On Monday 5th October some Year 5 and Year 6 children took part in the Croydon School’s Sports Partnership Cross Country competition running 1700 metres around Lloyd Park.  Well done to Brandon, Tom, Edmund, Joshua, Ethan L, David, Kian, Josiah, Nathan, Irene, Shanti, Esther, Rachel H, Charlotte, Emma, Cem, Thomas, Ethan R, Tasha, Amelie and Skitta. All of them gave 100% and were extremely supportive towards each other and a real credit to St. John’s.  They should all be incredibly proud of themselves as the course was even more challenging in the rain.  Some of our Year 5 boys ran particularly well taking 25th (Nathan) and 26th place (Ethan).                 

On Thursday 15th October ,it was the turn of Year 3 & 4 to run cross country in Lloyd Park.  Well done to Sarita, Rhianna, Zoe C, Emily C, Leo U, Henry C, Sebastian, Isaiah, Noah, Joshua, George, Ethan F, Ben L, Zain, Ethan C, Caleb, Ryan, James, Ben F, Adam and Ashwiyn.The course was quite a challenge and the children did a fantastic job. All of them gave 100% and their attitude and behaviour on the day was a real credit to them as individuals as well as St John's. Congratulations to Rhiana who placed 1st in the Year 4 girls event and Caleb who placed 2nd in the Year 4 boys event.



A first for St John's, ten brave players tried their hardest to learn the rules of TAG Rugby so as to take part in a tournament betwenn local Croydon schools.  Having almost no experience the team managed to get through the qualifier and reach the final (along with 5 other schools) on a rather damp and drizzly afternoon.

The team played very well and had a much stronger grasp of the techniques of the game than in previous matches.  To be fair to the team, they visibly improved over the course of the tournament afternoon itself, with one observer commenting on just how much they had improved in just two weeks.

The team (made up of 5 boys and 5 girls from Year's 5 and 6) played really well and did not let their 'novice' status affect their determination to try harder and learn from their opponents.  Desite the cold weather all the children enjoyed the tournament and should be proud of their achievements.



Please talk to Mr Murphy if you have any questions or suggestions in relation to the PE and sport at the school.