School Meals

School meals are provided by Caterlink who cook on site. Caterlink’s philosophy is the delivery of fresh food into schools using only the best quality local ingredients, prepared by well-trained staff and cooked with an emphasis on being healthy. The meals are cooked and served by Sarah and Des and there is always a meat and vegetarian option, with bread and salad available daily. In addition, there is a jacket potato option daily if children would prefer.  

The menu is  run on a three week cycle and a link to the menu can be found below.

Summer Term Menu 2018

Spring Term Menu 2018

Autumn Term Menu 2017


Children are able to swap daily between packed lunch and school dinners and meals can be paid for via Parent Pay.

Children who are not having a school meal can bring their own packed lunch. We encourage children to make healthy choices in their packed lunch as well and therefore ask children to not bring chocolate bars for their lunch. Water is always provided or children can bring their water bottle with them from the classroom, but no other drinks should be brought to school. We are a nut free school and therefore ask that no nut products are included in children’s packed lunches.