Governor - Robert King

Hello what’s your name?

Robert King

What do you do on the Governing Body?

I work with the other governors and staff at St John’s to help make it a great place to be.

Why did you become a Governor at St John’s? 

I have 2 children aged 2 and 4 and having young children made me want to make a difference by helping the school community.

Did you go to St John’s when you were a child?

 No, but I have always lived in and around the local area.  

What is your favourite thing about our school?

The vision and values that the school portrays are fantastic, but over and above that the management and leadership team really care about the school and its future.

Is there anything you would change about our school?

I would like to continue the good work to date of making the school the best place to be by supporting the Governor and teaching teams as well as providing support to give young people an outstanding primary education.

What do you do when you’re not helping our School?

I work in Human Resources, as a Learning, Talent and Development Consultant, in a multinational banking operation.