Governor - Phil Abbott

Hello What’s your name?

Phil Abbott

What do you do on the Governing Body?

I am a Parent-Governor and sit on the Marketing, Branding and Income Committee

Why did you become a Governor at St John’s?

My daughter Felicity joined the School in September and I am proud to support the School and its staff for all that they do to give our children such a fabulous start to their journey of discovery.

Did you go to St John’s when you were a child?

No, but I wish I had!

What is your favourite thing about our school?

The sense of community and the values of kindness and integrity the culture of the School engenders.


Is there anything you would change about our school?

What happens in Governor Meetings, stays in Governor Meetings!

What do you do when you’re not helping our School?

I teach Economics and Business at a local school where I am also a Head of Year. I enjoy football, playing guitar, singing and writing songs - though I endeavour not to unleash them on the unsuspecting public!