Illness / Medical Matters

Whilst we want all of our children to be in school every day learning the most they can, we realise that everyone can get ill from time to time. If children are unwell it is important for them to remain at home to rest so that they quickly recover and are able to return to school fighting fit.  



Should your child be unwell, please contact school (either by phone or email) on the first morning of the absence to let us know the nature of the illness and if possible an idea of when he/she might be able to return to school.  

If a child is in need of medication during the day we are able to administer this as long as parents/carers have completed a ‘Medicine in School’ form stating the medication, dose and when it should be given. All medication should be clearly labelled and brought to school by an adult and given to the school office along with the competed form. Children then should come to the office at the correct time to receive their medication. Please note children should not have any form of medication in their own possession and we are only able to administer medication for which we have written permission.

Medicine in School Form

If a child becomes unwell during the day we will contact parents/carers to ask them to come and collect their child. Especially in the case of an emergency it is very important that we have current contact details for all parents/carers and so ask that the office is informed of any changes, especially to mobile telephone numbers.  

Sickness and Diarrhoea

If your child has suffered from vomiting or diarrhoea, the advice from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) is that children should remain at home for 48 hours following their last bout of illness. This is to prevent infection spreading, such as the Norovirus.  

Asthma and Epi pens

It is important that we are aware of any children who require an asthma inhaler or epi pen pen and that parents/carers take the responsibility of making sure the medications we have in school have not expired. Epipens must be handed in to the school office in a clearly labelled small container with a photograph of your child. Inhalers must be handed into the school office which will then be stored in the classrooms for easy access.  If an epi -pen is administered or the child has an asthma which cannot be controlled with the inhaler then an ambulance is always called and parents are contacted immediately.

As we have children who are severely allergic to nuts, nuts and nut products are banned from packed lunches.